Urban Camper Productions is a not for profit organization committed to improving and enhancing the lives of the most challenged and marginalized in the Community in and around Saint John New Brunswick..  Located in the scenic and historic town of Hampton, NB, Urban Camper was founded by Layton Peck, business executive, musician, lay preacher, professor and all round good guy, with the help of his wife Greta Gilmore, a retired Mathematics teacher from Bellisle High School in New Brunswick.  The goal and mission of Urban Camper Productions is to engage with the homeless and marginalized in and around Saint John, NB, and the agencies that serve them.  To draw attention to the needs and plight of those struggling in our community with addiction, homelessness, mental illness and disabilities.  

Urban Camper Productions exists to plan and promote events that are being staged to benefit the oft forgotten in our community.​​
Layton Peck

Founder and CEO of Urban Camper Productions​​
Urban Camper Productions